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Review #185 Wave BROWN filters (50 per package)

#185 Wave BROWN filters (50 per package)

A coffee filter is more than just something to keep grinds out of your drink, it is an important part of the brewing process. The Unbleached Wave filters are not only an optimized shape, but made from the highest-grade filter paper.
2 to 3 working days

The Kalita Wave filters pair with the Kalita Wave drippers to give a clean and consistent cup. Due to the wave-shaped ridges, the air pockets between the filter and the dripper helps to enhance temperature stability by reducing water contact with the outer wall of the dripper.

The brown (unbleached) Wave filters have slightly more of a paper taste than the white (bleached) Wave filters, but it holds its shape much better than the white Wave filters. A little more pre-rinsing will help to remove the papery taste.